Effective Email Marketing “Secrets”

Email marketing is the most important revenue stream for your business. Unfortunately many business owners and marketers make a big mistake with their e-mail marketing by treating everyone the same.

Everyone knows that effective Email Marketing can truly increase new business…but not everyone knows how to be effective.

If you’re sending the same emails to everybody, if you’re sending the same quantity of emails to everybody, you are making a major major major mistake the top twenty percent of your list the most responsive people they need to hear from you often and the rest of them only need to hear from you occasionally

Here are the secrets that can improve your Email Marketing conversions:

  1. The most clicked lead nurturing subject line is the word “Secrets”. Now the cat is out of the bag!
  2. “Jobs” and “Posts” are the most clicked subject line words.
  3. 88% of email recipients prefer to receive HTML emails, while 12% prefer plain text.
  4. 6:00 am has the highest clicked through rate (CTR).
  5. Clicks by “Click Here” text gets the highest percent of clicks over a “Submit” button or “Go” button.

The bottom line with any effective Email Marketing is to offer relevant, information-rich and truly engaging content. It will keep your readers interest, encourage forwarding and ensure repeat readers.

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