How do I start an online store website?

Before you plan to start selling online, you should know what is eCommerce and why does your business need it?
eCommerce is the common term for any kind of commercial transaction that takes place purely through the internet. This transaction may be between a consumer and an online store or even a business to business transaction. No matter what your business model is, you should take a closer look at eCommerce as a way to build your business. If you haven’t considered selling online, just think about the size of the audience you’re missing out on. eCommerce allows you to sell your products to anywhere in the world, meaning you are no longer restricted to the local area. This equates to incredible potential for increased sales and profits.

1. Understand the cost before selling online
You should distribute certain additional costs like transportation (ordinarily 5%-15% in view of nature of the item, bundling (0.5%-2%)and installment gateway(1%-2.5%) costs notwithstanding your item expenses to evaluate the net edges that you will make on the off chance that you offer on the web. Continuously attempt to be gainful at a for each item level unless you have millions to spend like Flipkart and Snapdeal.

2. Set up your product list:
Start preparing your product list in excel document. Every row should contain one item or a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) as most call it. Section would be utilized to portray the SKU like SKU Code, Name, Description, Category, MRP, Color, Brand and so on.

You additionally need pictures your items. Take 3-5 pics for every item from various purpose of perspectives and separations with a reasonable and ideally white foundation.

3. Buy a Domain Name:
On the off chance that you plan to have your own site, you should buy a domain name. This is the name customers will use to see your product showcase – like: GoDaddy or Bigrock

4. Prepare your online presence:
You can offer online through either your own site where you utilize domain name acquired previously. For this there are open source apparatuses like Magento accessible or you could utilize cloud based arrangements like Shopify. You could likewise offer on commercial centers like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal by reaching them on their site and enrolling yourself as a vender. You can then attempt to complete the underneath steps while your enrollment procedure finishes.

5. Packaging:
You need pre-requested containers, tapes and other bundling material prepared close by to start pressing requests before delivery them to your online clients. In the event that you offer on commercial centers, regularly you will be furnished with the commercial center particular bundling and marking material.

6. Shipping Partners:
Contract shippers like Bluedart, GoJavas, Delhivery, Fedex and so forth to get ready value assentions already with the goal that you don’t get held up because of customs when the requests begin ticking in. Ensure you improve amongst Air and surface delivery relying upon the way of items you offer and client desires – cost versus speed.

7. Try Slow with Few Products:
Try not to list excessively numerous SKUs comfortable starting. You would prefer not to be overpowered by a hundred requests on the very first moment. Rather, include 5-10 items, test your stages and administration accomplices – their dependability and whether you can profit on an individual item level before you attempt to scale.

8. Scale:
When you feel you have split the model, you have to hit the quickening agent. Begin learning abilities like SEO, enhance your item substance and searchability, and spotlight on operational (distribution center or store) proficiency to be a long feasible and quickly developing business.

If you do not wanted to invest in website development and hosting but still wanted to start selling online. Good option would be to start using marketplaces as startup. You need to upload your products online and they will charge commission on each sale, no upfront investment required.

Register at marketplace websites and they will contact you for further process. Below are direct URL you can use to register:






If you have large number of products and can sell with good margin, definitely all these portals would be good for you. But if you are selling products with low margin profit, no enough profit can be expected by selling on these portal. Better, get your own eCommerce web store done and start selling directly.

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