Use food coupons to save your money for other expenses

A savvy individual who knows how to handle money, will always have a stack of discount coupons stored in their bed-side desk. Coupons are extremely valuable, as they give you room for expenses that you must take care of. Of course when spending money, you need to learn to prioritize. Basic expenses like food, bills, … Continue reading “Use food coupons to save your money for other expenses”

Take advantage of your best coupons with the following tips

Tight on money, tight on budget. That’s what it’s like for most people in India today. You may be assuming that the coupons you have are just an extra thing to barely make ends meet, right? Well, that’s not the case. A money savvy individual will know how to extract maximum benefit out of the existing coupon … Continue reading “Take advantage of your best coupons with the following tips”

Why Do Marketplaces Become Harmful as Time Goes by?

The trend of startups like marketplaces, food delivery, online grocery has been catching the spotlight. India seems to be having a growing appetite for such startups. Sellers are relying on the marketplaces model to sell their products. Well, deciding what to sell on the internet is easier than deciding how to sell online. Most sellers … Continue reading “Why Do Marketplaces Become Harmful as Time Goes by?”

Low Cost Business Ideas

Today, a huge number of individuals are thinking about beginning a small business or home based business, and for good reasons. By and large, individuals can hope to have two and three professions amid their work life. Those abandoning one profession regularly consider their second or third vocation move being to their own home. Individuals who have … Continue reading “Low Cost Business Ideas”

What is a Marketplace ?

An online marketplace is a secure and transactional website where selected suppliers can sell their products or services to buyers. Buyers transactions are processed by a marketplace operator, and usually delivered by the supplier. By building a marketplace, you become its operator and will be in charge of this strategic position, where you will be … Continue reading “What is a Marketplace ?”