Things your should know before buying washing machine

Before purchasing the machine is often the dilemma which will be much better, Fully Automatically or Semi Automatic? From homemakers to working women, Washing machine is no less than a boon. This saves time, as well as manual labor is too short. But the dilemma is often the machine before purchasing which will be much better, Automatically or Semi Automatic?

Here are few things your should know:

  • 6 kg (dry loading) washing machine has washing capability for Ten clothes. Considering the number of family members can buy more capacity washing machine.
  • In Semi-automatic washing machine, clothes has to be taken from wash tub into spin tub while the full automatic machine just needs to select the wash programs. Does the work machine itself.
  • Full automatic washing machine consists of several buttons on the control panel. Make sure to check button information on the time of purchase.
  • Full automatic washing machines have the option of all kinds of fabrics. Where the water pressure is low, there will be better to buy for the semi-automatic washing machine.

How to care?

  • If there is slow water flow in basket, then discard the water supply tank and clean the filter, be sure to brush.
  • Be sure to remove the electric plug before maintenance work. Use soft cloth to clean the control panel and main body. Use mild detergent if there is more dirt.
  • When it gets dirty, wash tub clean with mild soap. Use brushes, not scrubbers
  • Regularly clean the lint filter to avoid slow performance of machine.
  • After the washing machine keep the lid open, so that the moisture could come outside.
  • Never use Benzene thinner, or any chemical to clean body or control panel of the machine.

Caution when washing clothes:

  • Do not wash and light clothing together, due to pressure light cloths may bursts.
  • Wash too much dirty cloths separately.
  • Wash jeans and cloths in cold water and dry them in the shade.

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